15 Churches in Yapen Get Ready to Be Opened This Year

goodmorningpapua.com – The Church Development Team and the Regional Assembly recorded that as many as 15 churches in the Yapen Islands were ready to be inaugurated in 2022. It is estimated that the inauguration will take place in August.

This was revealed by a Head of the Rural Church Development Team of Yapen Archipelago, Piter Pulung, during the installation and the first zinc nails of the GPdI Sion Manate Kelapa Dua Church, Friday ,May 13,  2022.

“(15 churches) This is the temporary data we have, it is possible to increase to 20 churches. We continue to move forward, because we believe this is God’s work and we are only implementers,” said Piter.

Responding to the planned inauguration of dozens of churches, the Acting Secretary of the Yapen Islands Regional Secretary, Erny R Tania, representing the Regent of Yapen, Tonny Tesar welcomed the news.

“Congratulations on the achievement acquired with the existing limitations, all efforts were made for the construction of this church building without any problems. The other important thing is to continue the building of the remaining church buildings as planned,” Erny said.

Erny advised the congregation to continue to maintain togetherness and cohesiveness in their work, so that all stages of the construction of the church building can be accomplished and can be used immediately.

“Personally, I will assist donate ceramics for the Shekinah Glory and Zion Manate Churches,” said the woman who is also the Founder of the Let’s Share Community or KMB.

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