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146 hotels and 150 restaurants are ready to welcome PON XX of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The event of PON XX which will be held in Papua is only three months away. The quadrennial sport event is estimated to be attended by 6,496 athletes and 3,247 officials, and to involve 9,904 committee members.

The ongoing pandemic condition is of course a note for hotel and restaurant managers in Papua to pay attention to health protocols so that later their place does not become a new cluster.

Chairman of the Papua Province Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Syahrir Hasan said his organization was very ready to welcome the PON XX in October 2021.

“With the tight health care service standards, so if we walk to the hotel we can immediately see, before entering we have to wash our hands, wear masks, there are body temperature measurements, and there is the use of hand sanitizer, and each room has also been prepared in accordance with the Covid-19 procedure. 19,” he said.

Until now, Hasan said, 146 hotels are ready to accommodate athletes, officials, committees, and others. Then there will be 150 restaurants and cafes to serve consumption and culinary needs when the PON XX in October 2021 is held.

Special contingents of athletes, said Hasan, must be placed in accord with the proximity to the venue so that services, both from the hotel to the venue and vice versa, can be fast. Considering that the PON XX is getting closer, said Hasan, the additional lodging that has been prepared by the committee must also comply the standards of hotel service so that the contingent feels comfortable.

“We have coordinated with the committee, even though some do not stay at the hotel, but the standard of the service must also be the same as the service at the hotel,” he said.

He hopes that the PON 2021 to have a positive impact on the Papuan economy, especially for Papuan women by involving them in the event. This method to make visitors feel really in Papua.

“In terms of the culinary, the accessories, to the fashion… so that those who to come really enjoy the atmosphere of Papua,” he said.

One of the cafes in Jayapura City that is ready is Cristho Resto. A manager of Cristho Resto, Erwin Hutapea, said to serve the needs of PON XX during the Covid-19 pandemic, the cafe would implement health protocol procedures as recommended by the government.

“Where the employees have been vaccinated first, from 17 employees 15 people have been vaccinated, only two are left because they have just joined, but are waiting for the schedule to be vaccinated,” he said.

In addition, every day before opening, said Hutapea, the restaurant is always preceded by spraying disinfectant. Then employees while in the restaurant, both serving customers and in the kitchen, always wear masks and use ‘hand sanitizer’.

With a capacity of 270 people, this restaurant has an attraction because it is open and fronting directly to Lake Sentani. However, later in PON, said Hutapea, the number of customers accommodated will be limited to 100 to 150 people.

Hutapea said his restaurant had prepared a mainstay menu to welcome the PON XX. Among them are the main menu of mujair woku, papade in yellow sauce, papeda in sour sauce, and papade in pellucid sauce. The price is from IDR 80 thousand to IDR 120 thousand.

Cristho Resto is famous for its delicious tilapia fish as the menu variants. The fish are taken directly from the cages.

For us to face this PON, there is usually a fear that we lack ‘supply’ or limitations, for example, our main menu is mujair so at this time we have collaborated with two to three cages, one of which is from Kampung Asei Besar to always be ‘ready’ if we need it. ” he said. 

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