14 Official Locations for Watching Together (NOBAR) World Cup 2022 in Papua and West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The place to watch together or Nobar the Qatar 2022 World Cup is much sought after by football fans in various cities in Indonesia. Papua and West Papua are no exception.

Papua is one of the areas with high football fanaticism. Football fans in Papua have their own favorite team.

Various things have been done to make the atmosphere of watching the 2022 World Cup even more lively. One of the most common is with nobar.

In Papua and West Papua itself there are several locations or places for Nobar that can be visited. Starting from hotels, cafes to coffee shops (Warkop) holding Nobar event for the 2022 World Cup

However, one thing that needs to be considered in choosing a nobar location is that the location must be official and licensed. The reason is holding the 2022 World Cup Nobar illegally and not having a broadcasting license can be problematic.

PT. Indonesian Entertainment Group is the holder of the rights to hold the 2022 World Cup together (Nobar) in a public space. For anyone who wants to hold the 2022 World Cup Nobar event in a public space for commercial purposes, they must gain a permission from it.

Location of the Official 2022 World Cup Nobar in Papua.

So, for those of you who want to find the official location for the 2022 World Cup broadcast in Papua, here are 11 locations that have obtained broadcasting licenses, as quoted from the Indonesia Entertainment Group (IEG) website.

1. Mandala Restaurant

Address: Mandala Jayapura Athlete’s House, Sulawesi Street No. 25, Ex. Munda, North Jayapura District, Papua

Phone Number: 082199954729

2. Cartenz Swiss-Cafe

Address:  Pacific Permai Street Block C No. 16, Ex. Bhayangkara, Kec. Jayapura, Papua

Phone Number: 081389806420

3. Noken Club

Address:  Imam Bonjol Street No. 46, Fandoi Biak City, Kab. Biak, Papua

Phone Number: 08111179729

4. Baliem Cafe, Hotel Horison Ultima Timika

Address: Hasanuddin Street No. 9, Nawaripi, Mimika Papua

Phone Number: 09013264888

5. Linda Restaurant, Nancy Swimming-Aimas Hotel and Convention Center

Address: Baru Sorong Street KM. 24, Klamono Aimas, Kab. Sorong

Nomor Telepon: 081238200098

6. 58 Hauzz Cafe & Lounge, Jayapura

Address: Raya Abepura Street Kali Acai Kel. Kota Baru Kec. Abepura, Kota Jayapura (Depan Kantor Samsat)

Nomor Telepon: 08114858558

7. Gor Futsal Dispora Merauke

Address: Prajurit Street No. 1 Merauke, Papua

Nomor Telepon: 081284496622

8. Rumah Kopi, Mimika

Address: Malcon Street Kec. Mimika Baru, Kab. Mimika, Papua

Nomor Telepon: 081240255020

9. Dreikinder, Sorong

Address: Sungai Maruni Street, km. 10, Papua

Nomor Telepon: 0852 4455 6330

10. Rumah Kopi D’Waroeng, Merauke

Address: Mandala Raya Street, Merauke, Papua

Nomor Telepon: 085244158121

11. Bete Cafe, Nabire

Address:  Dr. Sam Ratulangi Street, RT 001/002, Terminal Oyehe, Nabire

Nomor Telepon: 082248353266

Official 2022 World Cup Nobar Locations in West Papua

The following are the official World Cup Nobar locations and venues in West Papua province

12. Swiss-Bel Hotel Manokwari

Address: Yos Sudarso Street No. 08, West Manokwari, Kab. West Manokwari, West Papua

Phone Number: 081388900549

13. Rylich Cafe, Rylich Panorama Hotel

Address:  Sam Ratulangi Street No. 57, Klasuur, Sorong City District, Sorong City, West Papua

Phone Number: 0859513132508

14. Anday Lounge

Address:  Sogun Hill Block B3 – Drs. Esau Sessa Street, Manokwari, West Papua

Phone Number: 081369878787

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