1,290 Convicts in Papua Proposed to Receive Remission Nataru

goodmorningpapua.com – As many as 1,290 convicts in Papua Province are proposed to receive remissions or reduced sentences before Christmas and the 2022 New Year.

The Head of the Regional Office of the Papua Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anthonius M Ayorbaba said, the remissions were handed over simultaneously on December 25, 2022 at each Correctional Institution (Lapas).

“So the remission will be provided at Christmas time, namely December 25, 2022, which is only a few days away,” Ayorbaba told reporters in his office, Thursday, December 22, 2022.

Ayorbaba noted that there were 661 prisoners and 1,290 convicts in Papua. Of the 1,290 convicts receiving remissions, most are convicts of narcotics cases. “This is the total contents of today’s prisons throughout Papua totaling 2,557 people,” he explained.

Based on the data, the 1,290 inmates who were proposed to receive remission consisted of 404 inmates of Abepura Prison, 292 inmates of Class II A Jayapura Narcotics Prison, 92 inmates of Nabire Prison, 75 inmates of Serui Prison.

Then 59 inmates of the Biak Prison, 44 inmates of the Wamena Prison, 59 inmates of the Timika Prison, 204 inmates of the Merauke Prison, 45 inmates of the Tanah Merah Prison and 21 inmates of Class III Jayapura Women’s Prison.

“This Christmas remission is given starting from 15 days to 2 months,” he said.

Ayorbaba explained, each 15-day sentence reduction was 235 convicts, 1-month sentence reduction was 884 people, one month 15-day sentence reduction was 141 convicts and a two-month sentence reduction was 30 convicts.

In the proposed remission, continued Ayorbaba, there are 5 convicts who will be immediately released after receiving a 15-day sentence reduction, while 2 other prisoners are released after receiving a one-month sentence reduction.

“In Jayapura Class III Women’s Lapas there are 34 convicts, 12 convicts for corruption crimes, and 3 convicts for treason,” said Ayorbaba,

Meanwhile, regarding PP No. 28 of 2006 concerning amendments to PP No. 32 of 1999 on terms and procedures for the implementation of the rights of assisted citizens, there are 34 convicts at Jayapura Narcotics Prison, 2 convicts for corruption, a total of 36 convicts. Meanwhile, the Jayapura Class II Child Special Development Institute (LPAK) has not yet been released.

“Requirements for remission are convicts who have served a criminal term of more than 6 months, have good behavior as evidenced by the F register or sanctions, and have attended the coaching program organized by the Correctional Institution properly,” continued Ayorbaba.

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