1,200 Street Vendors, Fishermen to Stalls in Jayawijaya Receive Cash Assistance

goodmorningpapua.com – Kodim 1702 Jayawijaya has started distributing a cash assistance program for street vendors, stalls and fishermen (BTPKLWN) in Wamena, the capital city of Jayawijaya Regency.

The distribution of BT-PKLW assistance was officially launched by Dandim 1702 Jayawijaya Lt. Col. Inf. Arif Budi Situmeang, a Deputy Regent of Jayawijaya, Marthin Yogobi, Waka Polres Jayawijaya Kompol Ferdinan Masaawet, Representatives of BRI and Wamena KPPN located at the 1702 Jayawijaya Kodim Courtyard.

Dandim 1702 Jayawijaya Lt. Col. Inf. Arif Budi Situmeang said the distribution of cash assistance was in collaboration with the Jayawijaya government and KPPN sourced from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs with a target for street vendors, stalls and fishermen.

‚ÄúRecipients of the social assistance program are street vendors, citizens having stall businesses, as well as fishermen, especially small business traders. The assistance is in the form of cash as much as IDR 600,000 per beneficiary and is expected to be used for business development,” said Dandim 1702 Arif Situmeang, Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

The Dandim said that the distribution of cash assistance in Jayawijaya Regency was 1,200 beneficiaries. For the first day, 300-400 people were distributed. While the rest is targeted to be completed within the next 10 days.

Requirements for receiving assistance are to show your identity card and family card (KK). “For beneficiaries who have not brought the requirements, time is given, because the distribution of this assistance is up to 10 days into the future,” he explained.

The Dandim believes that the assistance provided to the beneficiaries can stimulate the community’s economy, as well as increase capital for small traders.

Meanwhile, a Deputy Regent of Jayawijaya Marthin Yogobi said that the provision of cash assistance for the poor category was to help the economy.

“This program is a state policy to encourage business for small traders, in order to help with a little capital in their business,” he explained.

The Jayawijaya Regency Government hopes that the assistance can be put to good use, so that it is not spent in one day, but can be used as an injection of capital in their respective businesses.

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