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1,155 Prisoners in Papua Receive Remission for Christmas 2021

goodmorningpapua.com – Every year the government will give remissions to prisoners who behave well. At this year’s Christmas celebration, 1,155 people who were inmates in a number of correctional institutions in Papua received the 2021 Christmas remission.

A Head of the Papua Province Kemenkumham Regional Office, Anthonius Mathius Ayorbaba in Jayapura, Friday said that inmates or inmates who received remission were divided into several categories, namely general remission category 1 (RU1), which was 1,139 people who received non-free remission.

In 2021, only six people will get remission and are immediately released, said Ayorbaba, adding that among the 1,139 recipients of non-free remission, three of them are convicts of corruption cases who received two months remission.

Based on PP 99 of 2012, corruptors who are sentenced to five (5) years in prison do not get remission and this also applies to convicts in cases of drugs, terrorists, corruption, illegal logging, illegal playing and serious human rights crimes.

Inmates get remission because during their sentence they behaved well, explained Anthonius Ayorbaba.

Another requirement is that prisoners sentenced to 5 years in prison must also serve a sentence of more than 6 months in prison, have good behavior, can participate in coaching activities.

A total of 1,155 inmates receiving remission were spread across Abepura Prison, 319 people, Doyo Narcotics Prison, Jayapura Regency 204, Merauke Class II B Prison 181, Timika Prison 88, Biak Prison 97, Nabire Prison 99, Wamena Prison 37, and 80 people in Serui Prison.

Then the Tanah Merah Prison as many as 28 people, the Arso women’s prison as many as 17 people and the special child development institution in Arso as many as five people.

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