10,500 Food Packages for Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – NasDem is like a tra mo stop ka torang to share, but it’s good that the community is happy that we are also happy,” said Romi, one of the NasDem volunteers in the local language. He is a volunteer who assitst to distribute food packages from NasDem to the Tambrauw district two days before Christmas.

Romi’s words are not without reason. As a volunteer who is often involved in distributing aid to the community, he assessed that the West Papua NasDem since the COVID-19 pandemic has been recorded as often providing assistance to the people.

He admitted that even the day before distributing the basic food packages, he and his colleagues had also assisted to distribute 5000 packages of canned drinks to the residents of Sorong City as well.

Rocky Mansawan justified, that indeed before Christmas and New Year (Nataru),  West Papua NasDem has distributed 10,000 basic food packages which were distributed in 1000 packages in Sorong city, 1000 in Sorong district, 1000 in Maybrat, 500 in Tambrauw, 500 in Raja Ampat, 500 in Manokwari, 500 in Pegaf, 500 in Mansel, 1000 in Kaimana, 100 in Fakfak, 1000 in Wondama and 1000 in Bintuni.

According to Rocky, the distribution of the basic food packages is aimed at helping the community in the pre-Nataru situation as requested by the West Papua NasDem chairman.

“Mr. Dominggus Mandacan hopes that before Nataru, the poor can be provided with support. And we realized it through the support of our fellow sponsors and NasDem volunteers,” said Rocky (26/12/2021).

Rocky added, West Papua NasDem will not stop sharing with puny people, there is more after the basic food packages.

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