10 Kinds of Papuan Foods that are Ready to Shake the Tongue

goodmorningpapua.com – Although rarely exposed, it turns out that there are a number of typical foods of Papua and its surroundings known to be unique with tantalizing flavors. Then, what are the typical Papuan foods? Come on, see the complete information below.

1. Papeda

The typical Papuan cuisine that has been heard the most is definitely Papeda. Yes, Papeda is a food made from sago.

Sago seems to have become a staple food substitute for rice in Papua. This is a food that is 100 percent made from sago. The texture is very sticky like glue, but quite filling.

Papeda itself is sago porridge. This food is made from sago flour or fresh sago from the tree. Apart from Papua, you will also find it in other areas in eastern Indonesia.

Just like white rice, this papeda taste bland. Generally, this food is enjoyed with fish cooked in yellow sauce or grilled fish. The choice of fish itself includes tuna or mubara fish.

2. Sago caterpillar

Sago in Papua can be made into many processed foods. The caterpillar is no exception. People in Papua themselves have been consuming sago caterpillars for a long time.

Unlike other tree caterpillars, sago caterpillars can indeed be eaten. It is because, the content of this white and fat caterpillar contains 16 amino acids, 8 of which are essential amino acids. Then, the protein content in sago caterpillars is also very high.

This fat caterpillar will provide energy to our bodies and lower cholesterol levels. So, there is no reason to be afraid of eating sago caterpillars.

3. Wrapped Fish

At first glance this fish wrap looks similar to the typical Javanese pepesan. However, if the message in Java is wrapped in banana leaves, the fish wrapped in Papua is actually wrapped in taro leaves.

For the selection of fish itself depends on taste, but usually it is sea fish.

In addition, the spices used to make Pepes and this fish wrap are different. The Papuan people add bay leaves inside the fish to be wrapped so that the aroma is more fragrant when burned. After being wrapped and grilled, you can enjoy the wrapped fish along with papeda or white rice.

4. Cheating Shrimp

This Papuan culinary name does sound unique. Yet there is a reason Papuans give this culinary name the name of cheating shrimp, because the claws resemble crab claws.

So, although there is no evidence of an affair, this shrimp is accused of having an affair with a crab. Hence, it is called by the cheating shrimp.

For the shrimp itself, it is a type of freshwater shrimp. Usually those shrimps gather on the Baliem River, West Papua.

5. Sago Martabak

Speaking of Papuan food, it is definitely not separated from the name sago. The processed food of the people on Earth of Cendrawasih made from sago, apart from papeda, is also found in martabak.

Yes, sago that has been mashed will be fried until to be brownish. Then, the inside of this sago martabak is smeared with brown sugar to add to its sweet taste. This is a snack that you must taste when you are in Papua.

6. Sea Worms

Sea worms are the favorite food of the Papuan people, especially the eastern part. To find worms that reach 30-40 centimeters in length is quite easy, namely on white sand when the sea water is receding. However, you must look for it carefully because the color is faint white with white sand on the beach.

7. Ant’s Nest

 This food is not literally a real anthill. However, this traditional food from Papua is made from cakes that look like ant nests.

The main ingredient is still made of sago. For other ingredients, namely sugar, margarine, wheat flour, sweetened condensed milk, baking soda, eggs, cinnamon, cloves, and warm water.

For the texture, this ant nest is soft and sweet. Ant nests are also suitable for everyday snacks.

8. Aunuve Habre

Aunuve habre is a dish made from skipjack or tuna. The fish used are cut and wrapped using taro leaves that have been previously boiled until wilted.

In Papua itself, the way to cook this fish is steamed in a pan filled with salt water. As for the seasoning, it is very simple but the taste is very appetizing. The only spices are tamarind and salt.

9. Manokwari Grilled Fish

Want to try a typical Papuan food menu other than sago? Of course there is. Yes, the name is Manokwari grilled fish.

Manokwari itself is the economic and culinary center in West Papua. This city has a variety of foods that are famous to other regions. The grilled fish here usually uses tuna or tuna, although other types of fish can also be used. What characterizes Manokwari grilled fish is actually the sambal.

This fish sauce is a combination of chili and spices that are coarsely ground, then smeared on the grilled fish that has been cooked.

10. Lontar Cake

The lontar cake was originally brought by the Dutch. At that time the name was Rontart, but the Papuan people found it difficult to pronounce the name, so they pronounced it as lontar.

The shape of the cake itself is similar to a milk pie from the island of Bali. The difference is, the lontar cake is thicker and taller. Palm cakes in Papua are usually made during religious holidays, such as Lebaran and Christmas. The taste is sweet and soft in the mouth. This typical Papuan cuisine is also suitable for souvenirs or gift.

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