10 Interesting Papuan Souvenirs; from Batik to Chips

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua has natural and cultural wealth. If you go on vacation there, it’s not good if you don’t get typical souvenirs of Papua.

Here are ten typical souvenirs of Papua that can be an option to take home.

1. Batik

Papua has a distinctive batik with characteristics of Terracotta or Red Soil colour. The motifs offered are also varied, such as the Asmat tribe motif and the bird of paradise. Papuan batik motifs are mostly inspired by animals.

2. Sarang Semut [ Nest of Ant ]

Sarang Semut [Nest of Ant] is an herbal plant that can be used as medicine. This plant contains antioxidants such as tannins, polyphenols, and flavonoids. So that it can hinder diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, cysts, tumors, hypertension, cholesterol, and others.  Sarang Semut are found so much in Wamena.

3. Noken

Noken is a typical bag of Papua. This bag is usually used by the community to carry tubers, groceries, and crops. This bag made by knitting is used by placing the bag strap on the forehead. In addition, Noken has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the world heritages.

4. Topi Bulu [Fur Hat]

This Topi Bulu [Fur Hat] is made of bark and on the top it is decorated with feathers of Cassowary bird and decorated with sea shells. This hat is usually dominated by black.

5. Wood Carving

Asmat carvings are characterized in detail, size and complexity. Launching the indonesiakaya.com page, the motifs raised are usually related to nature, daily activities, and living things. In the wood motifs of the Asmat tribe, bats, birds of paradise and fish are usually found.

6. Koteka

The clothes commonly used by the Dani tribe are also souvenirs that are often sought after by tourists. Koteka is a men’s clothing to cover his private part. These clothes are made of pumpkin skin and are either straight or curved.

7. Tifa

This Papuan musical instrument is made of leather and wood. Tifa has various sizes, namely small, medium, and large like a drum. Tifa in each region in Papua is different depending on the characteristics of each.

8. Pearl

Papua has abundant natural wealth, one of which is its underwater wealth. Papua can produce beautiful pearls. It is easy for tourists to buy pearls at lower prices in Papua.

9. Arborek Weaving

Arborek Village is located in Raja Ampat. This small village has a craft called Arborek’s typical Pandan Leaf Weave. They usually make noken and hats made of pandan leaves.

10. Caladium Chips

These chips, typical of the Sorong Papua region, are made from sweet potatoes or taro. These chips are made with seasoning salt, garlic, and cayenne pepper. This snack can last as long as chips in general.

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